++ Life Extension Formula II ++

Vegetable Soup Recipe (for 2 days quantity)

16 ounces White Daikon (radish)
8-10 ounces White Daikon (radish) Green
8-10 ounces Carrot
8 ounces burdock root (also called Gobo in Japan)
3-5 fresh Shitake Mushroom (sun-dried)
If not sun-dried, expose dried mushrooms to sun again.

Fill a pot with three times the quantity of water as the vegetable. When it comes to a boil, reduce the flame and simmer for two hours. Strain and drink.

What this remedy may do:
1. Heal Cancer
2. Restore injured joints and bone structure
3. Slow down the aging process
4. Rejuvenate the skin
5. Heal Cataracts
6. Heal liver disorders
7. Lower high blodd pressure
8. Improve heart conditions
9. Reduce brain tumors and other related head-injury problems
10. Reduce high white blood cell counts
11. Improve T-cell function.

Boleh le cuba......

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