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Tak reti nak alih bahasa, so, kali nie kita speaking london yea.....

(The following is a translation of an article that appeared in Taipei, Taiwan)

~ Remedy for cancer and other ilnesses by Dr. Tateishi Kazu ~

When cancer strikes a family, that couse of action should one take? Dr.Tateishi Kazu's fathaer and brother both died of cancer. And then he found himself suffering from cancer of the duodenum and spreading. His stomach was removed, but the cancer cells had spread to his lungs. He resolved to fight for his life.

He researched, studied and tested over 1,500 types of herbs and plants. Eventually, he discovered the right combination of ingredients and formulated a unique healing VEGETABLE SOUP AND BROWN RICE TEA with its own molecular powers. The vegetable are rich in green chlorophyll, amino acids, iron, phosphorus, calcium, all in a natural form.

He based his oup on the principles of Five Elements theory, the harmonizing balance of the forces of Yin and Yang, acid and alkaline that engenders health as opposed to the imbalance, which leads to disease.

The five elements in our environment are wood, fire, earth, metal and water. Because of the balance of the five elements, the earth is able to produce life. Dr. Tateishi Kazu used the essence of the five elements.

Each essence possesses its own color - green, red, yellow, white and black. These relate to the corresponding internal organs: heart, liver, spleen, lung and kidneys. He used the concept of the five different colors as matched to specific vegetables.

Green - Daikon Radish Leaves

White - Daikon Radish

Red - Carrot

Yellow - Burdock Root

Black - Shitake Mushrooms

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Nanti kita entry how to make the soup and the tea lak yea......

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