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Guidelines To Gift-giving

> a minister who receives an expensive gift while opening an event or shop has to declare it to the prime minister.

> civil servants who receive gifts in the course of their work can only keep it after getting the approval of their head of department.

> civil servants should not allow advertisements in newspapers thanking them for launching an event or opening a shop.

> a politician can accept a donation but it should be directed to his party. He also must not have any dealings with the donor at that time.

> a civil servants cannot use his office or positions for any gratification.

> those in authority in government cannot give projects or anything related to their jobs to themselves or close family members or associates.

> a government department is not encouraged to give gifts to VIP guests who are officiating at an event. If a gift is necessary, it should be an inexpensive plaque, pennant, handicraft made by the department itself or any other item or printed material that is meant to promote the department of the country.

> a civil servants has to report bribes or offers of bribes to the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission.

> a government department cannot receive gifts from the private sector unless it is approved by the secretary-general of the ministry concerned. If the value of the gift is more than Rm10,000, approval from the Treasury must be obtained.

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