++ Tangan Yg Memberi Tak Semestinya Lebih Baik ++

Huuiiihhh.... sejak bila falsafah 'tangan yg memberi lebih baik dr tangan yg menerima' ni ditukar?

Ada tak membaca satu artikel di akhbar New Sunday Times bertarikh 2 May 2010?


Haaaa... kan dah cakap. Ada betul tak tajuk akk tuh?

Petikan dari rencana tersebut.

Andrew (not his real name), a young baker and restaurateur, is known to many as a generous person.

The 30-year-old likes to bake cookies and cakes and gives them to his family and friends for birthdays, weddings, graduation parties and even sombre occasions like funerals.

Since opening his restaurant last year, Andrew has also been giving not only his baked goods, but betweem Rm100 and Rm200 to local council enforcement officers who visit his premises.

Why is Andrew giving them money?

"They've been visiting my restaurant too regularly and it is disrupting my business."

"In the beginning, they told me that i should not have an awning but it's been there years before i took over the restaurant."

"I had to give otherwise i would be harassed further."

When Andrew wanted to put tables and chairs outside his premises to give customers the option of dining alfresco, he applied for a licence from the local council. But the officer he met told him such licences were no longer issued.

"When i asked him for a solution, he told me to wait for enforcement officers to visit my shop for 'negotiations'."

Andrew "negotiated" twice with the enforcement officers. On each occasion he paid them Rm200.

Situasi diatas adalah antara yg terjadi kpd para pengusaha kecil.

Dan oleh krn kejadian memberi dlm situasi tersebut, MACC menggambarkan bhw - what Andrew has done will make him liable for corruption.

Persoalannya :- jika tiada permintaan, takkan lah ada penawaran.....

Fikir2 kan dan renung2 kan......

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