++ Maxis Broadband ++

Last Sunday nite, we went out for 'jalan-jalan cari makan'. So we went to AEON Bukit Tinggi. The first time i've been there is in Nov '07 during its opening. Sooooo crowd, until i told my hubby not to take me there again. But now......

We just pusing2 there, tengok2 org, window shopping.... But so frustated coz most of the restaurant full house. So, my child just buy roti and puff from La Boheme and kuih Doraemon - Dorayaki.

Yg kat sebelah kanan tu,

anak sedara (anak adik)

When we step out, to carik makan at other place, we drop by at Maxis booth yg buat promotion utk broadband. After a deep think, so i register for it.

This what i get,

and this is the Mobile Broadband,

Only last night i managed to use it. But my pc is a bit slow, sabar jer lah....

When we reach home, ingatkan nak lah makan roti and puff sambil tengok tv, TAPI.............. harunya lah, my eldest tertinggal makanan tu. Mesti kat booth Maxis tuh..... Sian kitaorg.....

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